Organic Incense Cones

Organic Incense Cones

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Hand rolled Incense Cones using revered ceremonial and medicinal plants from South Africa. 

Wild Crafted Blends of Indigenous Herbs, Flowers and added Essential Oils -Producing an aromatic wealth of healing fragrances full of sacred African scents. 


10 Individual Organic Incense Cones

Cedar wood dreams - Made from local trees, the Sacred Cedarwoods of the Cape Fold Mountains. Only fallen branches are used to produce these organic cones with an exquisite earthy, grounding and slightly sweet fragrance that brings to mind the natural pure beauty of a forest and the clean aroma of fresh cedar wood


Sage Dreams - Sage Dreams Incense Cones, by Pure Incense, deliver a slightly astringent, menthol-like fragrance to inspire and heal. The Sage Dreams Incense Cones are hand rolled and harvested with love in the heart of the Cape Fold Mountains. The Earthy and herbaceous ceremonial plant has been used for its healing properties since time immemorial. 


Imphepho - These incense cones are truly something special, hand rolled with love in the heart of the Cape Fold Mountains. Using the revered ceremonial and medicinal South African plant known as Imphepho (Hylichrysum), they’re locally influenced and inspired. Their deep camphor like fragrance can be used to heal or even ward off insects.



Place one cone on a saucer or incense holder. Light the tip of the cone. Let the flame extinguish and it will keep burning with an ember that lets off the incense in the form of smoke. Please do not place directly on or near flammable materials as this will be a fire hazard.


Due to the handmade nature of this product, please allow slight variations. Please allow 8-12 days processing time.