Bath ritual

Cultures speak to the natural healing properties of water. Beyond the more obvious relaxing and muscle-soothing benefits, a bath ritual can be deeply transformational, a sacred oasis for mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. Bathing is considered a form of effortless meditation, being submerged in water is naturally calming, healing, and relaxing - all you have to do is be in the present moment.

Turn Your Bath Into a Revitalizing Ritual; This isn’t so much of a long, drawn-out process as it is a few simple steps that will make your bathing ritual even more enjoyable and authentic.


  • Minimalism; Less is most often more. Tuck unneeded bottles away. The bath should transport you to a place of beauty and imagination.
  • Nature; Plants breathe life into any space.
  • Ambience; Light a candle; preferably unscented to fully appreciate the bath salts & oils.
  • Drink water; Keep cool and hydrated while you bathe.
  • Music; Listen to relaxing music or nature sounds while soaking. Music will immerse you more deeply into your experience.

The ritual

  • Intention; Relaxation, renewal, or letting go of the day.
  • Cleanse; A shower is taken to wash the body prior to immersing yourself into the tub to soak. (This can be as quick or as relaxed as you desire.)
  • The Soak; Once in the bath, relax and enjoy yourself. This is a time and place to be present and reconnect with yourself.
  • After; Take note of your new sense of calm and linger in it as long as possible. Sip some tea, read a book or listen to some soft music.

Nurturing something so simple like water and transforming it into something invigorating is what gives our lives meaning and intention.

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