Simple pleasures

The spaces we want to interact with should include the objects that are satisfying to interact with. They create the atmosphere and determine how we interact with them.

Thoughtfully crafted items have the power to elevate the ordinary. They invite people to slow, savour and enjoy. Drawing attention to the significance within the rituals of daily life- no matter how small.

We hand pick products that contribute to creating a grounded, intentional person or the space we occupy.

We know our customers have an affinity for the soulful, the sensual the slow. They are drawn to investing in the future and feel that the value of objects only increases with time as they capture and preserve the story of their use.

Our collection is curated in the various rituals of daily life- This makes it easier to navigate what a slow intentional life can look and feel like to you. 


There is a natural sense of fulfilment that comes from growing and nurturing plants, they promote meditative awareness and facilitate grounding.


Countless cultures speak to the natural healing properties of water. But beyond the more obvious relaxing and muscle-soothing benefits, a bath ritual can be deeply transformational.


Children develop their imaginations while exploring and experiencing the world around them. Free play teaches the child valuable tools on being and doing things mindfully and with intention.


Meditation allows us the space to not dwell in the past nor dream of the future, to concentrate the mind on the present moment allowing the soul to speak.


The grounding nature of tea ritual leads us into a world of quiet contemplation & communion with the universe.


Reading encourages you to be quiet, it transports you all over the world without moving at all enriching and stretching your mind.


Journaling offers a place where you can hold deliberate thoughtful conversations with yourself to distill what is important and what is not. It can be a powerful tool during conscious, intentional and sometimes painful spiritual evolutions and transformations.


The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. I find joy in the simplicity of lines compared to the intricacy of their meaning.


There is something profoundly satisfying and truly intimate about sharing a meal with the people you love. Eating together is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences.

If you don’t enjoy meditation, try journaling, not keen? Try gardening. It all works the same.

Choosing to live an intentional Life gives us a chance to evaluate what is important to us, make decisions consciously instead of out of habit, and experience the moment we find ourselves in fully. It’s about being intentional with your attention.

Let’s discover your slow.

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