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Sensu pty ltd was established in 2016 to create beautiful, mindful and intention products and spaces. As a landscape and interior architectural firm sensu was mainly a service-oriented business, designing sensual spaces and linking the interior to the exterior. We realised services aren’t always available to everyone thus the concept of a curated online store was created.

Our store offers soulful, sensual products for a slower pace of life.

Philosophy - slower pace of living

Slower living is about taking time to do everyday things with care and intention. It’s recognizing the importance of your time and attention - enabling us to savor the small moments that give everyday life meaning and value. We like to think that if we use our ideals to shape our home, our homes will in turn shape the life that unfolds within them.

Curation | a thoughtful approach to homemaking

Thoughtfully crafted items have the power to elevate the ordinary. They invite people to slow, savour and enjoy. Drawing attention to the significance within the rituals of daily life- no matter how small. We hand pick products that contribute to creating a grounded, intentional person or space we occupy. Simple, quality design create a timeless aesthetic that will look as good in years to come as it does today. Our products are selected with the intention that they will over time, allow the traces of their use to become a part of their, your story.

Our collections focus on natural materials rich in texture and character. We support small makers and artisans dedicated to their craft. We believe in the value of their work. The objects they create are rich in narrative and their unique process carry within them all those lovely, subtle nuances lost in modern production.

Customers | an affinity for the soulful

We know our customers have an affinity for the soulful, the sensual the slow. They believe that the objects they surround themselves with are better when they tell a story. They know that the mark of true luxury lies in the dedication to process, material, and design. They are drawn to investing in the future and feel that the value of objects only increases with time as they capture and preserve the story of their use.

If this speaks to you - hello and welcome.

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