The experience of being human is an embodied one. We experience the world through our senses.

Our days are predominantly virtual and increasingly devoid of the sensual - a grounding exercise is needed to engage our other senses whenever possible. The way we design our lives & homes can either help or hinder this grounding process.

A sensual home considers, smell, sound, touch and not just visual aesthetics alone. The objects we bring into our homes can serve to offer an alternative experience, one that reconnects us to all of our senses, firmly rooting us within our bodies and in the here and now. The aim is to nudge ourselves to use our senses a little more, learning to notice and take pleasure in all the rich experiences available to us. We need to draw our attention to the sensual pleasures within the more mundane experiences of our daily lives.


There are countless ways to introduce smell into our homes that will change the atmosphere and create a desired mood. From home baking to the smell of the fire in the living room fireplace. from scented candles, fresh flowers, essential oil diffusers, linen fragrances, bath salts and room fragrances.


Our homes are full of sounds beyond music alone. When we pay attention to the sounds that the objects and materials in our homes emit we can begin to discover a rich world of sensory pleasure. From the creaking of wooden floorboards or a vintage leather armchair to the sound of the crackling fire to the different tones ceramics emit when placed on the kitchen worktop.


Ensuring that the objects we use most often are the most satisfying to the touch can increase the amount we attend to this sense. Becoming more mindful of our sense of touch is most easily achieved through contrast and variety: from smooth to textured, from warm to cool, from light to heavy.  A weighty ceramic bowl or the comforting pressure of a chunky blanket are satisfying experiences.


Visual weight relates to the way an object attracts and interacts with our eye and is a huge part of achieving visual and spatial balance. A good balance of visually heavy and visually light pieces, with plenty of space to let the eye travel between them - the eye can scan the space comfortably, easily finding anchor pieces while getting relief from items with less visual weight. Visual weight can be determined by shape, size, colour, grounding, proximity and texture.

The objects we interact with on a daily basis should be the most satisfying to use.

A sensual home is filled with objects we want to hold and interact with, objects we love not things we think we ought to have. The objects we want to interact with, the object that are satisfying to interact with, are the objects that will serve us best for the longest amount of time. They create the atmosphere and determine how we interact with them. Prioritise comfort - The use of high-quality materials and design considerations that prioritises comfort create objects we want to engage with again and again.

Sensual homes that focus not only on visual aesthetics but on how they sound, smell and feel awaken our senses - drawing us out of our heads and into the immediate experience of our body, firmly rooting us into the experience of the present moment.

- Liberate your senses and change your life.

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