Self Reflection

Journaling creates a safe, tangible space for you outside the digital landscape. It raises mindfulness and helps the brain regulate emotions to achieve a greater sense of confidence and self-identity. It translates inner dialogue and invites you to process your experiences and expand upon thoughts. 

Journaling offers intellectual, organisational and psychological benefits and improves one's immune functions, cognitive processing, communication and problem-solving skills.

The act of writing activates the left-brain hemisphere, our rational headquarters, simultaneously considering the creative right brain to feel. In theory, all you need is a pen, paper and your thoughts. All types of journals are suitable for your mental and physical health, as long as you spend time self-reflecting and looking inwards.


Types of journals:

 Dream journal

Dreams reflect our perception of the world; they are fleeting in nature; therefore, recording them allows you to keep track of themes and patterns. 

Travel Journal

Preserving memories from a trip by documenting the adventure as you experienced it physically and emotionally. 

Brain Dump

A cathartic relief source to vent and release negative energy.

5-Minute Journal 

Curated gratitude journal that guides you through daily questions to cultivate a spirit of positivity and appreciation. 

A Nature Journal

Enriches one's experience in nature by documenting findings and observations to discover daily, weekly, seasonal or annual patterns. 

One Line A Day

Possibly the most challenging journal of all. 

Classic Journaling

Classic journaling is about writing without rules or guidelines; this journal can be whatever you need it to be. 

Artistic Journal 

Releases creative energy by expressing thoughts and emotions through illustration. 


Journaling can be as basic or complex as you wish. It is less about the book type than investing time to explore one's thoughts and feelings and getting to know your authentic self.


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