Plant ritual

There is a natural sense of fulfilment that comes from growing and nurturing plants; they promote meditative awareness and facilitate grounding.

Urbanisation has changed how little we interact with the natural world. It is consequently essential to bring nature into our homes.

Health benefits of houseplants

  • Plants improve air quality: Especially, sansevieria, peace lily, pothos and spider plants.
  • Plants help us stay calm and focused: They alleviate stress and promote feelings of wellbeing.
  • Plants help us heal: Plants encourage a meaningful appreciation for life and sharpen cognitive abilities.
  • Plants keep us happy and mindful: Tending to a living thing gives a sense of purpose and acts as a gentle reminder to stay present in the moment.
  • Plants hold aesthetic beauty: Adds immeasurable aesthetic beauty to a space.

The thought of choosing a plant can be intimidating. It is important to understand the space the plant will occupy to fully understand the care they require.


All plants need light to survive - the amount of light varies between species.

Identify the area in your home you would like to style with plants and establish light specifications.

  • High light: (Periods of direct sunlight.)
  • Medium light: (Cannot tolerate direct sunlight.)
  • Low light: (Plant tolerates little light)


Plant styling achieves visual balance between the plant, the accessories and the space. Get creative with the plant and container combination to enhance your existing style. Consider foliage size, texture, and colour of the plant in relation to its accessory (stands, stakes and planters).

Choosing the plant

Visit your nearest Indoor plant shop. Give them your aesthetic and lighting requirements - they will advise you on seasonal availability.

Plant Care

Plant Care equals Self Care. When we tend to our houseplants, we tend to ourselves too.

Watering: One quick and easy way to check the water levels for your houseplants is to stick your finger directly into the soil. If you can poke your finger in up to your knuckle, you can tell how damp the soil is. If the potting soil feels damp, you can probably wait to water the plant. If it feels dry, it's time to give your plant a fresh drink right away.

Pruning: Pruning will promote fuller growth and keep the plant healthy and strong. Cut off dead branches and stems, and prune the plants at the leaf node at a 45-degree angle.

Observing and caring for plants creates a profound awareness of time. They act as gentle reminders to slow down - they hold space for us to tend to them with loving gentleness, care and patience and hopefully urge us to reflect this in our relationships with others.

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