Humans identify with the world, through thoughts and inner dialogue.

Meditation allows us the space to not dwell in the past or dream of the future, but to concentrate the mind on the present moment. The purpose of meditation is to find intent, focus and stillness in the midst of all this mental noise to bare witness beyond the thoughts into the infinite.

This vast space is your pure essence - the essence of your soul, the origin of your power, your health and your intellect.

The thought of starting and maintaining a meditation practice seems intimidating. Here’s what to do.

1. Intent:

Get to know your own thinking. Observe the natural activity in your mind as it is. Then start focusing your attention on one thought or intention. When your mind wanders – and it will! Gently guide your thoughts back to the chosen thought or intention.

*Guided meditations can also help you stay focused.

2. Sacred space:

The experience of being human is an embodied one. We experience the world through our senses. The objects we bring into this comfortable, calm and safe sacred space should reconnect us to all of our senses, firmly rooting us within our bodies and in the here and now. Allowing us comfort, calm and safety.

*You can truly meditate anywhere and everywhere but a designated space could be the motivation you need to show up.

3. Ritual:

Explore meditating at various times of the day – observe your body, mind and soul before, during and after each session.

*Once you establish your daily rhythm then you can intuitively increase your time meditating.

4. Technique:

There are countless meditation styles and techniques. (Chanting, breath work, visualization, etc.) Open your heart to each technique.

*Absorb and discover how your inner energy can benefit from each.

Just like life, meditation can look different day to day. Rid yourself of all expectations before you practice, and allow your practice to unfold naturally. Allow yourself to be in your own stillness to realize you are that stillness. A meditation practice should be a time to retreat, to go within, and reconnect. To come back to what matters, the heart.

From my heart to yours.


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